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  • Keep It Clean With Janitorial Supplies

    business janitorial supplies

    Janitorial supplies can help to make cleaning specific areas in any business or home much easier. Professional supplies ensure cleaning or housekeeping staff can get a good job done using the right tools for the job. There is such a wide range of chemicals, appliances and equipment that can help to keep your premises clean and businesslike.

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  • Tasty Recipes For Blenders

    try some new Recipes For Blenders

    Many people buy a blender for the home kitchen - it sees a few innings and then is put away in the cupboard only to be drawn out on the odd occasion. There are many tasty and wholesome recipes for blenders that can be used in both home kitchens and adapted to catering outlets so it's a shame to hide the blender away. Blenders can be used for food preparation in the kitchen or bar area to make a whole host of ingredients or dishes in their own right. So be bold and bring out that blender! Why not have a go at some tasty recipes for blenders.....

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  • Mother's Day Ideas To Make Someone Feel Special

    Struggling for Mother's Day ideas?.... March 15th is fast approaching but instead of running around the shops trying to find the latest best buy - stop...think...and plan making something from your heart instead!

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  • Make Tasty Pies For British Pie Week

    British Pie Week runs from March 2nd to 8th March 2015 and offers a chance to celebrate the great British pie. There are always district varieties when it comes to British pies. Some pies are popular or synonymous with certain areas of the country and so conjure up a certain image when mentioned. There may also be seasonal variations on pies where fruits and vegetables in season are used and so give a real taste of seasonal foods. Wherever you live or whatever season there must surely be a pie for you and so celebrate the British Pie Week by getting baking in the kitchen.

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  • Thor Commercial Cooking Equipment NEW Range

    Thor commercial cooking equipment has recently been added to the Cater4more web shop giving catering kitchens an improved option when looking for top end commercial fryers, oven ranges, chargrills and griddles. This range offers a lot of features that any busy caterer will appreciate.

    Thor catering appliances

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  • Food Safety Handling Labels Help Reduce Wastage

    Food safety handling labels help reduce wastage and ensure you have a food safety routine set up for all staff to follow. This ensures that you can achieve a really good level of food hygiene and can be proud enough to display your food hygiene 'score' in your premises with certainty. Customers will also be happy they can buy foods from you with confidence.
    food label

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  • Bakery Trolley For Easy Storage Of Pastries

    A bakery trolley offers a racked storage solution for food tray storage and gastronorm waiting areas - but it's not just for bakeries.....

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  • Chafing Dish Buffet Set For Catering Outlets

    A chafing dish buffet set range is available online at Cater4more to include chafing fuel and dishes or electric models where power supply is not an issue. The chafer dishes are ideal for many different catering outlets - basically they keep food warm at service or for diners to use at the table. The chafing dish buffet set products are ideal for breakfast buffets in hotels, bed and breakfast or pub bars where breakfast can be kept warm for when guests or diners are ready to eat. Foods can be cooked and left at optimum temperature so staff service is kept to a minimum but customers are kept happy.

    The range of chafing dishes is very stylish and looks just as good on a pub bar buffet counter or a silver service event such as weddings and corporate hospitality events. Electric versions can be plugged in as required. Gel fuel or liquid fuel is available for the versions that require a non electric mode of operation. These gels and fuels are available in various duration to suit your service times. The modern gel or liquids are made to meet safety standards and some can be resealed if not all used up.

    These chafers are particularly attractive at all you can eat Chinese buffets or events and functions where food has to look good and stay warm.

    Chafing Dish Buffet Set For Catering Outlets and all you can eat buffets

    Cater4more has a big range of chafing dish buffet set products For Catering Outlets including dishes and fuel and some bulk buy bargains
  • Kitchen Weighing Scale Online Range

    Cater4more has a kitchen weighing scale online product range that will offer something for all cooks and chefs.
    kitchen weighing scale online range from Cater4more

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  • Christmas Delivery Dates

    Just a quick note to let all our customers know that any new orders will now be processed for delivery on December 30th 2014.

    Many thanks for orders placed this year and a big wish for a Happy Christmas to all our customers.

    Our telephones will be on answer machine from Christmas Eve to 5th January 2015. Feel free to drop us an email or leave a message and we will be in touch upon our return.

    Christmas Delivery Dates Cater4more

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